Deliver Customer-Focused, Individualized Career Services Under WIOAWords like customized, individualized, personalized, and tailored are part of the public workforce system under WIOA.

WIOA emphasizes a customer-focused approach, which recognizes that the unemployed, UI claimants, and job seekers are individuals who may require tailored career help that fits their needs, situation, and goals.

Individualized career services, per WIOA, are provided one-on-one by staff, going beyond online, self-service options.

"Some job seekers need services that are more comprehensive and tailored to their individual career needs," state the WIOA rules.

To help your staff deliver individualized career and job search services, consider using two tools from Career Action Resources:

With these tools, individuals assess themselves and determine the areas in which they need the most career help and guidance. Armed with this information, a staff member and job seeker can more easily develop an individual employment plan or individual reemployment plan tailored to the participant's needs and goals. 


Workforce development professionals: Request complimentary LEAP and YES samples to see for yourself how the only self-assessment planner described as part of "best practices" in a U.S. Department of Labor reemployment program study can help your staff, your agency, and your job seekers achieve customized, individualized, personalized, and tailored  career services.


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Give dislocated workers and the unemployed two proven tools for independent job search and reemployment planning.

no staff involvement plan

Both tools feature a color-coded, easy-to-read, 6-panel foldout design with clear steps. They are completely 

  • self-guiding
  • self-scoring
  • self-interpreting

After completing the LEAP or YES, individuals can use their results to navigate their transition and plan their job hunt.

Importantly, no staff involvement is required for your job seekers to use the best-practice LEAP and YES.

LEAP and YES arrive shrink-wrapped in packs of 50 each. Simply include LEAP or YES in your next mailing to the Unemployment Insurance claimants and job hunters you serve remotely.

Complimentary LEAP and YES Administrator’s Guides help you run workshops and one-and-one sessions via video conferencing if desired.

Workforce and career professionals can take a closer look at LEAP and YES by requesting your complimentary review samples today.



The U.S. Department of Labor has issued guidance to help states guard against fraud and abuse in their unemployment insurance systems as they implement pandemic assistance programs.

According to a news release issued with Unemployment Insurance Program Letter 23-20, states must protect the integrity of programs by maintaining certification processes to verify the continuing eligibility of claimants and more.

States are required to implement the same integrity activities used for the regular unemployment compensation program for the CARES Act programs, such as verifying identity and checking databases designed to prevent improper payments.

Learn more here.

Career Action Resources is here to help. We specialize in best-practice assessments and action planners used by workforce, employment, and career services to guide job seekers and the unemployed in getting hired.

With 20 years of experience in workforce development publishing, our seasoned career resources staff created Layoff-to-Employment Action Planner (LEAP) and Your Employment Search (YES).

LEAP and YES are helping thousands of job hunters across the USA assess their needs and create job search and reemployment plans. In a study for the U.S. Department of Labor, LEAP is the only assessment identified as an innovative best practice for reemployment.

For professionals in the public workforce system, LEAP and YES can help you deliver customer-focused and tailored career services under WIOA. Our tools guide both staff and participants in workshops, career coaching, Rapid Response, RESEAs, UI Intake, Individual Employment Plans (IEP), Individual Reemployment Plans (IRP), orientation meetings, TAA meetings, job clubs, job search and employment barriers assessment, and much more.

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