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Easy Resume Grammar Guide

By Career Action Resources, LLC

Spelling and grammar mistakes can send resumes to the trash bin. Share the following tips from Career Action Resources with your job hunters to help them avoid this fate: 

  • Run spell check. Spell check can miss mistakes, but it also catches them. 
  • Check words you think may be misspelled. If a word doesn't seem right, look it up.
  • Use the right word, part one. Any word that has another spelling should get your attention. That includes its and it's; their, they're, and there; too, to, and two; than and then. Be sure you have chosen the correct word. 
  • Use the right word, part two: Some words often are confused. So, for example, if you write loose, make sure you didn't mean lose. If you intend to say formerly, confirm you didn't write formally.
  • Read your resume backward. This step will help you spot misspellings and missing words because you have to concentrate on one word at a time.
  • Read your resume out loud. This action will make missing words or repeated words stand out. 
  • Let it rest before sending. After you write something, don't send it immediately if possible. Time away from your writing often reveals errors.
  • Copy and paste. When you complete online applications, be careful about your spelling and grammar. If possible, copy and paste information from your double-checked resume, rather than risking a typo.

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