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RESEA Funds Must Now Be Used for Proven Reemployment Strategies

A new requirement for the Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment (RESEA) program states RESEA funds must be used for "service delivery strategies demonstrated to reduce the average number of weeks participants receive benefits by improving participant employment outcomes,” according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

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Getting the Unemployed Unstuck

Even in a good economy, it’s easy for the unemployed and dislocated workers to feel stuck. Many reasons can contribute to this state of mind, such as the following:

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3 Traits of Passive Job Seekers

Do you have job seekers who can't seem to get hired? They may appear to be doing everything right, but they may actually be passive job hunters. Here are 3 signs that individuals are being passive in their employment search.

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USDOL Infographic Shows Impressive Success of American Job Centers

“One Door. Millions of Success Stories.” That’s the theme of a U.S. Department of Labor infographic describing the investment story of the American Job Center network. 

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Job Interview? It’s Showtime!

We’re in the fat times now for the job seeker. The current labor market is starving for employees, and some companies will hire anything that breathes. It might take a minute, but it won’t last, because I promise you lean times follow fat times, and the economy will tank. Read more →

Career Action Resources Part of Key Workforce Development Events

Two big workforce development events are happening this fall, and Career Action Resources will be part of them. Read more →

USDOL Issues New Required Rapid Response Activities

"A successful Rapid Response system must include informational and direct reemployment services for workers," states recently issued U.S. Department of Labor guidance. The USDOL letter explains, "Rapid Response practitioners will notice that the regulations for Rapid Response under WIOA have significantly increased the amount and types of required activities." Read more →

2017 WIOA Convenings Program Available

Here is the program for the three 2017 National WIOA Convenings sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor for state and local workforce development system professionals. Read more →

Not Attending USDOL WIOA Convenings? Follow on Twitter with Hashtags #WIOADallas, #WIOASD, #WIOADC

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How LEAP Helps Workforce Development Professionals

Layoff-to-Employment Action Planner (LEAP) is a self-guiding tool for dislocated workers and the unemployed. LEAP, published by Career Action Resources, LLC, helps workforce development and career services professionals in many ways, including the following. Read more →