Layoff-to-Employment Action Planner LEAP


Now in its Second Edition, the best-selling LEAP helps dislocated workers and UI claimants rank and cope with key issues faced after a layoff and develop a reemployment plan.

  • 3 steps
  • Assesses job search and life barriers in 8 critical areas
  • Guides workers in creating a reemployment action plan tailored to their needs


Your Employment Search YES


YES measures and transforms job-search readiness and effectiveness. No matter where job hunters are in their work search, YES leads to a ready-to-use job-search strategy.

  • 3 steps, plus an employment search strategy summary
  • Teaches proven job-seeking skills in 5 key areas
  • Guidance for developing a personal employment search strategy


Career Action Resources: Creators of Self-Assessments Used in Workforce Development, Employment Programs, & Career Services

Career Action Resources LLC is the creator of the Layoff-to-Employment Action Planner (LEAP) and Your Employment Search (YES). LEAP and YES are best-practice self-assessments that guide job hunters and the unemployed in job search and reemployment planning.

LEAP and YES are helping thousands of job seekers across the nation in workforce agencies, employment programs, and career centers.


Career Action Blog

Two big fall workforce conferences are happening soon, and Career Action Resources will be part of them.

  • First, we are shipping 550 samples of our Layoff-to-Employment Action Planner, Second Edition, for all attendees of the California Workforce Association Meeting of the Minds Fall Conference, which will be held Sept. 8-10, 2015, in Monterey, California. You can follow the event with the following hashtags: #MMM2015 #CWAMMM2015
  • Second, we will be sending 700 samples of our Your Employment Search (YES) assessment for all attendees of the Michigan Works! Annual Conference, Oct. 4-6, 2015, in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. You can follow the conference with the following hashtags: #MWConf  #MIWorks!

We regularly ship samples of our best-practice career/job search assessments—LEAP and YES—to workforce and career services events around the nation. These samples are not catalogs or abbreviated versions of our products. Our samples are full products, so administrators, managers, and staff of workforce, employment, reemployment, and career programs can review and evaluate them for possible use with their job seekers, dislocated workers, unemployed individuals, UI claimants, youth, transitioning workers, veterans, students, and other populations.Career Action Resources Sends LEAP to Workforce Events [Career Action Blog]

We stamp these assessments with the word “SAMPLE” and tuck an informative flyer inside that highlights the assessment’s features and benefits to program participants and staff. The samples usually are included in registration bags/packets along with the event program and other information.

In addition, through a sponsorship fee, our participation supports these conferences, which are attended by thousands of workforce development and career services professionals.

Not attending one of these upcoming events and interested in reviewing LEAP and YES? No worries! If you are a workforce development or career services professional who assists job hunters and the unemployed, request your complimentary LEAP and YES samples now, and we will send them to you via First Class Mail.


The U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) commissioned a study on the effectiveness of its Reemployment and Eligibility Assessment (REA) program, which is designed to help Unemployment Insurance (UI) claimants find jobs faster plus confirm their eligibility for UI payments after a job loss.

LEAP Is Only Self-Assessment Described in USDOL Reemployment Study [Career Action Blog]

The research, conducted by IMPAQ International, investigated the practices and results of the REA program in several states. In IMPAQ's report for the USDOL, just one self-assessment is described: Layoff-to-Employment Action Planner (LEAP), published by Career Action Resources, LLC. The report calls LEAP “an innovative” “best practice" for reemployment.

The research found Nevada has the most effective REA program of the states studied. The study explains LEAP is useful to UI claimants participating in REAs by helping them identify their needs. The report also states LEAP is useful to REA staff by helping them better refer claimants to much-needed reemployment and training services.
A follow-up IMPAQ study for the USDOL found Nevada’s REA participants had 3.13 fewer weeks on UI compared to individuals in the control group, saving $873 in benefits payout per REA participant. This amount exceeded REA costs by more than 4 times. 

Because of the REA program's success, the USDOL continues to expand and improve it. The REA program is now called the Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment (RESEA) program; its name was changed with the implementation of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). 





WIOA is now in effect. Here are 5 key changes to the Adult and Dislocated Worker Program you may have missed:

  1.  It's personalized and customer focused. WIOA emphasizes personalized, customer-focused services to help job seekers meet their specific career goals.5 WIOA Changes You May Have Missed [Career Action Blog]
  2. No service sequence. WIOA authorizes "career services" for adults and dislocated workers, rather than "core" and "intensive" services. Career services can be provided in any order to best meet the needs of the participant.
  3. Three types of career services. There are three types of career services: basic, individualized, and follow up.
  4. Individual Employment Plans (IEPs). Job seekers and one-stop center staff work together to develop IEPs that identify employment goals and services needed to reach the goals.
  5. One-on-one, career counseling emphasis. One-stop centers must provide individual career counseling when needed, including job search assistance, in-depth interviews to identify employment barriers, and more.

Need help delivering customer-focused and individualized career services under WIOA? LEAP and YES ASSESSMENTS by Career Action Resources are the best tools and workforce development best practices.

Request complimentary review samples now.


“We love LEAP. It helps the unemployed think of the many issues they are facing and verbalize what they are worried about. We wouldn’t get to some issues without LEAP because people are overwhelmed by stress. LEAP gives the unemployed a tool for moving forward.”
Workforce Program Administrator

“Shows job seekers where to begin and what priorities to focus on…makes the job search more productive.”
Diana Aughe, Career Coach

"LEAP showed me “where my needs are and where to get help.”
Dislocated Worker in Indiana