Best-selling LEAP helps dislocated workers and UI claimants rank and cope with key issues faced after a layoff and develop a reemployment plan.

  • 3 steps
  • Assesses job search and life barriers in 8 critical areas
  • Guides workers in creating a reemployment action plan tailored to their needs



YES measures and transforms job-search readiness and effectiveness. No matter where job hunters are in their work search, YES leads to a ready-to-use job-search strategy.

  • 3 steps, plus an employment search strategy summary
  • Teaches proven job-seeking skills in 5 key areas
  • Guidance for developing a personal employment search strategy


Career Action Resources: Creators of Self-Assessments Used in Workforce Development, Employment Programs, & Career Services

Career Action Resources LLC is the creator of the Layoff-to-Employment Action Planner (LEAP) and Your Employment Search (YES). LEAP and YES are best-practice self-assessments that guide job hunters and the unemployed in job search and reemployment planning.

LEAP and YES are helping thousands of job seekers across the nation in workforce agencies, employment programs, and career centers.


Career Action Blog

Getting noticed by employers is difficult. Yet many job seekers eliminate themselves from consideration--oftenHelp Job Hunters Avoid Closed Door in Job Search [Career Action Resources] before human eyes see their resume or online application. Here are 5 ways the unemployed end their hiring chances, plus how to help them open the door to opportunity:

  1. No targeting. Job hunters should be encouraged to find the right opportunities for their skills and experience. Suggest they research careers with the Occupational Outlook Handbook or
  2. No tailoring. Customizing a resume to match job openings is quick and smart. Job seekers can change a few words to match an ad and rearrange details to highlight desired qualifications. Make it easy for employers to see how you suit their needs.
  3. No keywords. If a resume or application does not contain the right industry- or job-specific words, it won't get through automated systems. Explain how important it is to add these "key" words to a resume to match help-wanted ads.
  4. No attention to detail. Employers want to hire the best people. If application materials are sloppy, disorganized, or have typos, they go into the trash.
  5. No human contact. When interested in a company, job seekers need to reach out to an inside contact first or follow up with a hiring manager. An insider can pull a resume out of the pile.

Job search strategies are featured in Your Employment Search (YES), a self-guiding career assessment by Career Action Resources, LLC. Career and workforce development practitioners can request a complimentary YES sample.

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Now you can quickly transform your job seekers' job-search readiness and effectiveness. Your Employment Search (YES), a self-assessment by Career Action Resources, measures and teaches productive job search skills in 5 key areas to immediately boost the job search.

No matter where your job hunters are in their work search, YES provides an assessment and proactive strategy in just 3 steps. Watch this 2-minute video to learn more:








Some additional details on YES:

  • Features a 6-panel foldout design, plus a perforated panel for job seekers to summarize their employment search strategy for handy reference
  • Combines self-assessment with today's most productive job-search guidance
  • Focuses on 5 key areas: career direction, attitude, active job search, job-search tools, employer communication
  • Helps job hunters manage their attitude and keep going despite rejection
  • Saves time by providing job-search help, planning, and encouragement in one tool
  • Covers online applications, resume keywords, social media, and much more
  • Results in a personal employment search plan
  • Research-based; 8th-grade reading level; color-coded for easy use and self-scoring; shrink-wrapped in convenient packs of 50

If you are a workforce or career services provider, please request your complimentary YES sample today. Visit to learn more.


During the job search, many job hunters lose confidence and view themselves in a negative light. Here are suggestions to improve job seekers' mindset, from the Editors at Career Action Resources, LLC

  • Suggest that job hunters talk about themselves in present tense instead of past tense. For Give Your Job Hunters a Mindset Makeover [Career Action Blog]example, say "I am an office manager," not "I was an office manager." 
  • Instead of calling themselves "unemployed," job seekers should refer to themselves by their desired job title.
  • Ask job seekers to list their top skills and focus on the value of these skills to employers. This point is especially true for transferable skills, such as organizing, listening, writing, and problem solving. Also encourage job seekers to learn new skills through workshops, classes, and volunteering.
  • Job hunters need to take daily positive action, such as calling contacts, doing research, building skills, and networking with employers. Without a job search schedule or job search planning, the unemployed  can easily fall into a funk, waste time, and start feeling hopeless.
  • Remind job hunters of your employment services and workshops. Suggest they join a job club and take job search workshops to improve their job search skills, confidence, and outlook.

Career Action Resources specializes in best-practice career assessment tools used by workforce, employment, and career services to guide job seekers and the unemployed in getting hired. With more than 15 years of experience in workforce development publishing, our seasoned career resources staff created Layoff-to-Employment Action Planner (LEAP) and Your Employment Search (YES).


“We love LEAP. It helps the unemployed think of the many issues they are facing and verbalize what they are worried about. We wouldn’t get to some issues without LEAP because people are overwhelmed by stress. LEAP gives the unemployed a tool for moving forward.”
Workforce Program Administrator

“Shows job seekers where to begin and what priorities to focus on…makes the job search more productive.”
Diana Aughe, Career Coach

"LEAP showed me “where my needs are and where to get help.”
Dislocated Worker in Indiana