Layoff-to-Employment Action Planner LEAP


Now in its Second Edition, the best-selling LEAP helps dislocated workers and UI claimants rank and cope with key issues faced after a layoff and develop a reemployment plan.

  • 3 steps
  • Assesses job search and life barriers in 8 critical areas
  • Guides workers in creating a reemployment action plan tailored to their needs


Your Employment Search YES


YES measures and transforms job-search readiness and effectiveness. No matter where job hunters are in their work search, YES leads to a ready-to-use job-search strategy.

  • 3 steps, plus an employment search strategy summary
  • Teaches proven job-seeking skills in 5 key areas
  • Guidance for developing a personal employment search strategy


Career Action Resources: Creators of Self-Assessments Used in Workforce Development, Employment Programs, & Career Services

Career Action Resources LLC is the creator of the Layoff-to-Employment Action Planner (LEAP) and Your Employment Search (YES). LEAP and YES are best-practice self-assessments that guide job hunters and the unemployed in job search and reemployment planning.

LEAP and YES are helping thousands of job seekers across the nation in workforce agencies, employment programs, and career centers.


Career Action Blog

Many workforce development professionals who use our two career assessments, Layoff-to-Employment Action Planner (LEAP) and Your Employment Search (YES), find great value in the reader-friendly, non-technical Administrator’s Guide that accompanies each tool. Like the LEAP and YES, the Administrator’s Guides were developed by Career Action Resources, LLC.

The LEAP Administrator’s Guide and YES Administrator’s Guide give background information on each assessment’s research and development, suggestions and tips for individual and group use, and other many helpful details.

Here is a partial Table of Contents from the LEAP Administrator’s Guide:

  • The Need for the Layoff-to-Employment Action Planner (LEAP)
  • How the LEAP Was Developed
  • Scales Used on the LEAP
  • Ideas for Using the LEAP
  • LEAP as a Best Practice in Reemployment and Eligibility Assessment (REA) Programs
  • NCDA Article on the LEAPCover of YES Administrator's Guide [Career Action Resources Blog]Cover of Layoff-to-Employment Action Planner Administrator's Guide
  • Administering the LEAP
  • Selected References

Here is a partial Table of Contents from the YES Administrator’s Guide:

  • The Need for Your Employment Search (YES)
  • Researchers Identify Key Cause of Job Search Failure—and How YES Can Help
  • How YES Works
  • Benefits of YES
  • How YES Was Developed
  • Scales Used on YES
  • Ideas for Using YES
  • Using YES in a One-on-One Session
  • Administering YES in a Group Setting
  • Selected References

With the help of the Administrator’s Guides, you and your staff can more fully understand how the LEAP and YES work and why they are so beneficial to job seekers and the unemployed. You will learn how to best prepare yourself and your staff to administer the LEAP and YES to your job seekers. You will understand the scales on the LEAP and YES and what they measure. You will receive step-by-step suggestions for using the LEAP and YES in one-on-one and group settings.

From the Administrator's Guide information, you can run a job search workshop or develop a consistent reemployment planning session for your center or agency if desired. The Administrator’s Guides also can help you adapt LEAP and YES for use in shorter and longer timeframes, depending on your setting and situation.

Best of all, each Administrator’s Guide is complimentary with your LEAP or YES purchase. Career Action Resources will send you the appropriate Administrator’s Guide in PDF for you to use and share with your staff as needed. Contact us for more information.


"No. Sorry. No." That's what many job seekers hear from employers. Wouldn't it be great for your job hunters to hear "Yes"?

Click the video below to learn how a self-guiding career assessment, Your Employment Search (YES), leads job seekers to an effective, personalized job-hunting strategy.


With YES, your job seekers will create a plan to help them get hired in the right job as quickly as possible.

YES is published by Career Action Resources, LLC, creators of best-practice job search tools used in workforce, employment, and career services around the nation. Learn more about YES and its benefits as a job seeker resource.


A new study shows that job seekers who learn how to job search are 2.67 times more likely to find employment than those who do not. Lack of job search skills, rather than lack of occupational skills, is a key factor in job search failure, according to researchers Songqi Liu (Pennsylvania State University), Jason L. Huang (Wayne State University), and Mo Wang (University of Florida), who published their findings in the Psychological Bulletin.

The study analyzed data from more than 9,500 job seekers in nearly 50 job search classes and training programs. The job search skills taught in these programs included identifying job leads and presenting one’s self well in resumes and job interviews. The odds of getting hired increased even more if the job search training included motivational aspects, such as proactivity (5.88 times higher), goal setting (4.67 times), and social support (4.27 times).

Job search training “could become more effective by combining both skill development-focused and motivation enhancement-focused techniques,” said the researchers.

Your Employment Search (YES) Covers Effective Job Searching [Career Action Blog]Your Employment Search (YES) by Career Action Resources, LLC, focuses on job search skills and includes motivational aspects and social support, which are important aspects in maximizing job search success, according to the study.

Individuals who take YES evaluate their job hunt skills, motivation and attitude, and more, plus get guidance to improve in these areas and create a proactive job search plan.

Career Action Resources, LLC, originally published this information as an e-newsletter article on Aug. 6, 2014, and expanded it for this Career Action blog post.

“We love LEAP. It helps the unemployed think of the many issues they are facing and verbalize what they are worried about. We wouldn’t get to some issues without LEAP because people are overwhelmed by stress. LEAP gives the unemployed a tool for moving forward.”
Workforce Program Administrator

“Shows job seekers where to begin and what priorities to focus on…makes the job search more productive.”
Diana Aughe, Career Coach

"LEAP showed me “where my needs are and where to get help.”
Dislocated Worker in Indiana